2017 Player Interest / Registration

It is that time, interested players should submit their registration forms soon.  Roster spots are limited and could fill up quickly!

2017 Team Oregon Interest and Registration Form


Team Oregon 2017



 High School Players and Families,

I hope that you have had a great start to the 2016–17-hockey season. While Team Oregon is geared primarily towards Junior and Senior players, it is important for freshman and sophomore players to get the same information so you and your families can learn about the opportunity and plan for your future. For all players that are a junior or senior in high school, I would like for you to consider this opportunity for this season.

For the past several years, the PIHL has hosted the America’s High School Showcase in Pittsburgh, PA. This is a chance to showcase your talents and skills to a large number of college and junior hockey scouts, coaches and team managers from all over the US and Canada. For many Oregon players, they simply do not get these chances to compete and have this level of exposure to further their hockey career. From last year alone, Oregon players had several contacts and some have gone on to play junior hockey, some to college hockey.

At this point we have not set a date for player evaluations. We are gathering information about interested players, giving us a chance to start watching you during your season. We will schedule a more formal evaluation and process as we get closer towards the end of January and based on the number of players interested in positions.   We will select a team of up to 20 players (18 skaters and 2 goalies) to take to Pittsburgh, Pa. between April 18 – 25 2017, games are the 20th – 24th.

Who is eligible to participate in this program, and what special requirements are there?

  • All Oregon resident (male) junior and senior high school students.
  • Players should meet a 2.75 GPA or higher.   One of the first thing we are asked as coaches is, what kind of student is this player, so grades are important! This is not a firm GPA, if you have questions please ask!
  • Any player that is suspended or serving any other disciplinary action from their school at the time of departure to Pittsburgh will not be allowed to participate.
  • Players that are serving a disciplinary action of this type will not be reimbursed for their try-out fees, showcase registration fees, or any other associated costs.

What are the registration fee for the showcase and what does it include/not include:

  • Our estimated budget per player for the Team Oregon Showcase will be $1,800.00.
  • Final costs such as hotel, airfare, transportation and other costs have not been finalized.   The estimated cost noted above is based on last year’s costs.
  • The registration fee includes hotel, airfare, transportation in Pittsburgh, meals (including meals during travel), activities in Pittsburgh, team ice practices in Oregon and one ice practice in PA., a Team Oregon track-suit, dry-fit shirt and a team photo. Players also get a team jersey and team socks.
  • Registration fees do not include players personal items such as tape, personal spending money etc…
  • If the Team decides to play any games or a tournament prior to leaving for Pittsburgh, those would be a separate cost, and will be decided on as a team once the team is selected.
  • Players will be responsible for their own transportation to and from PDX International Airport as well as team practices.

How will the players be evaluated and what are the coaches looking for?

  • Evaluators will be the coaching staff of this year’s Team Oregon.
  • Players will be evaluated on individual skills, team skills and game skills along with sportsmanship as well as overall effort, attitude and enthusiasm.

This year’s Team Oregon 2017 Showcase staff:

  • Coach Andy Potter – 503-970-2971 or ajpotter44@gmail.com
  • Coach Lester Sparks – 971-219-6367 or lestersparks33@yahoo.com
  • Mentor Coaches Austen Potter and Brett Sparks
  • Team Manager Kelly McMahan – 541-232-5186 or seakelandmic@msn.com

If you are interested in part of Team Oregon for 2017, please contact one of the Team Oregon staff via phone, text or email, so we can put your name on our list as a potential player for this year’s team. We will be sending out an interest form in the coming weeks to start building a roster.

The team staff is looking forward to working with you and all of the activities for Team Oregon in 2017 and beyond!

Andy Potter – Coach, Team Oregon

2016 Sportsmenship Award

2016 brought back awards at the Showcase.  The awards were nominated by the teams and you were not able to nominate your own player or team.  This year Team Oregon won the award for Sportsmenship on and off the ice.  This was quite a thrill for all of us.  Pictured below is Kelly, Micheal and Andy accepting the award on behalf of Team Oregon, past and present.  Great job!


Game 4 – Utah

An early game time for sure.  I believe we came out today a bit over confident and after dominating the first with puck possession and shots, yet not dominating on the score board, Utah had the belief they could win and continued to build, while we started to let down.  Intermission was hopefully a chance to regroup.  Chris did score in the first and Nathan added a second goal, but in the end we fell 4-2.

Game 3 – Florida

This was our first chance to play on the wide open Olympic sheet and try to use some of the speed we have on the team.  We had a great first period where we really played a tough game.  We had a nice power play goal from Chris and battled to a 2-1 deficit after one.

Once again we had some trouble with special teams and defensive zone coverage giving up a couple of short handed goals in the second period.  The wide ice is tough in the defensive zone.  We made some adjustments in the 3rd and only gave up the 1 goal.  Tomorrow will be an early one as we know we will play Utah, and it really could be the 0700 game.

Game 2 – Colorado White

Another day here at RMU, and the America’s Showcase.  As a team, these guys seem to be bonding and coming together as a team.  I was very excited to see how today was going to go.  When you are use to afternoon and evening games, an 1100 start is tricky.  It is too late to not get up and eat breakfast, but still earlier than most of these players are accustom to playing.

We had another fast start and got that first goal on the second shift.  I didn’t see it go in, but Isaiah kept digging and the puck ended up in the net.  After the goal, we really started to settle in and play a pretty physical game and traded rushes and good plays back and forth.  Colorado did end up getting that tying goal part way through the first, but I felt we really were playing right there with them.  Then…  we started having some minor defensive zone breakdowns.  Colorado took advantage and netted 3 goals.  We did fight back and appeared to get one back at the end on a nice wrister from the blueline by Chris, but it was waved off by the ref as he felt we may have had goaltender interference, but only called a crease violation.  I haven’t seen the game yet, but will watch and see what or who may have been involved.

We did play much better in the third today and switching Brent and Colter paid dividends early in the third as Colter made a great pass to Nathan who buried his first goal to cut it to 4-2.  With our change to a more aggressive forecheck and not completely cleaning up the defensive zone coverage issue, we did surrender more goals in the third to end up the final score of 8-2.  The positive from this game is really the reason why we are here.  We had about half the team pulled out by the scouts and GMs as they liked what they saw from the players.  I believe the effort in the third, even down, was the reason why players were pulled out and recruited.  While the score wasn’t something we wanted to see, the results are still what we are looking for here at the Showcase.  Tonight we are going to the Pirates game as a team and then tomorrow get a chance to play Florida on the big ice.  We will have a chat about D Zone coverage and really what it means to play on the big sheet, how to use that team speed and get pucks deep and on net.

Game 1 – North Dakota

Game 1 was against North Dakota.  We played them two years ago and they were at that time the cream of the C pool and then last year played in the B pool and we hung with them through out, so what I guess I am saying is we had no clue as to what we are were going to be up against for the game.

We came out very effectively in the first and most of the second period.  Scoring first is always good, and we got a nice drive to the net and a cross to Drey for the first goal of the game.  Through out the first we had great zone coverage and really keep the pressure on North Dakota.  It was really the intermission that changed the game, with North Dakota really responding better to the break and coming out fast to start the third, tying up the game on that first shift.  We started to scramble a bit and while slowing stemming the tide, another squeaker got by to give ND what ended up being the game winning goal.

What did we learn?  Well, we learned that we can skate with any team we are determined to skate with.  We also learned that scouts, coaches and GMs are more concerned about the way players respond and continue to work through adversity and success, and not on what the outcome of the scoreboard says.

We have have 3 more great opportunities to be seen and allow our players the chance to be scouted and learn about their opportunities moving forward.  Game 2 tomorrow with Colorado White, not sure what to expect from them, or in some ways how we respond to the challenge of an earlier game.